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I am so depressed and sad after watching a movie ending?

I watched a love story film in which the last part of the movie the girl got hit by some incurable disease and at the last scene she died while the guy was singing for her on stage praying for her and it shows he imagines her coming on the stage with a bright light smiling at him and then just making him remember all the time they did spend together and then she the imagination dissapears while the girl dies in hospital leaving the guy crying on the stage as he knew she died !

I have never fallen for a girl or even been in love never felt that pain( I never want to also 0_0), but the last scene I just cannot forgot and whenever I remember that I feel very sad and depressed because she died and The I got obsessed with her and I just felt like it should not have happened that way,

I know the movie is not real I know after dying(acting) she must have got up and said wow the films finally completed and party - lol

any suggestion how to get over it ?

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    Actually i think you should watch it again, and just get familiar even if you cry every time. Tell your self its fake and maybe look it up on like how they did it, or something like that.

    Good Luck!

  • M.
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    9 years ago

    Don't worry at all. It's happens with me too. Sometimes you watch such an influential movie that leaves an impact on you. It is temporary and you'll get over it so don't worry. Just remember that they all were characters and doing their job. Nothing like that actually happened so it's no use crying over something that doesn't even exist in real!

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