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Would a text message like this strike your curiousity too?

My long distance bf of 7 months works in farming, and he and his dad were going last night to pick up livestock (well, they were supposed to).

I got a text at 1:39 a.m. Saying "we didn't go- involved something illegal"

At 4:00 this morning I responded I was glad he didn't go, then, and I was thinking he meant they didn't go because the trip involved something illegal.

I woke up again around 6 and I texted him that he had me really curious.

At 7:30 I felt I ought to call him and find out if he was ok. I've never called like that when he was sleeping before. We usually chat at night.

When I called I just said I wanted to check on him to make sure he's ok. he explained to me what happened- turned out to be a funny accident but he wasn't laughing, and he said he was going back to sleep.

I must have annoyed him with my phone call ,but I felt I should check on him.

I guess I couldve waited for him to wake up, but I couldn't help myself:) It was a strange text in my opinion, and it made me worry for him. Is it terrible that I was so curious? He seemed so annoyed when I called...

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    It's perfectly normal to get worried after a text like that. He was just grumpy because you woke him up, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a big deal for him and he'd realize (when he wakes up) that you were just being sweet.

    My boyfriend of 2 years is the grumpiest guy ever when sleepy. I just learn to live with it because he's a sweetheart otherwise. :)

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    9 years ago

    If you called me at 7:30 in the morning on a day i wasn't working id be annoyed too

    Men love sleep? I think thats the only problem tbh. Trust me

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    He shouldn't leave vague text like that. He should be more informed; that way, you are not worrying. I also think he should have called you, instead of texted you. I don't think you did anything wrong.

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    Ya it would kinda make me curious too, but he got over it by morning.

    Source(s): Some people forgive and forget and joke around and say the past is the past
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  • 9 years ago

    Well he was annoyed because he was asleep. However, it was reasonable that you were worried. He will get over it.

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  • Lilac
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    9 years ago

    Yes, it would pique my curiosity. I would have done the same thing as you - otherwise, you'd be worrying...you didn't know any better, he didn't explain it properly.

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    I think what you did was okay. I've done the same thing to others, and others have done the same thing to me. It just means you care, they are on your mind, can't hurt.

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    Get over it because he probly already forgot

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