How many true friends do you have? And my situation...?

And I mean REAL, HONEST-TO-GOD, TRUE friends; not just people who you party with or say hi to sometimes and especially not people who will use you and lose you with no problem. I mean friends who you can really relate to and have an actual connection with. I'm so sick of fake people; honestly. These past few months have really been hard for me in that way, and I just can't wait for 2012, so I can focus on other things; make it right and put it behind me to start over. First, this girl in my "friend group" was beyond a drama queen, hurt us all and ditched us. Then I found out that not only was my boyfriend basically lying to me about how he felt throughout our entire relationship, but two of my good "friends" have been flirting with him, and all our other friends pretty much sat there and egged them on. I even abandoned my real friends for awhile because of them, but I'm slowly coming back to them through this hard time; for the new year, and I'm so glad. They are so rare and I'm holding onto them.

I have about 5 or MAYBE 6. How about you guys? What do you think? :)

Merry Christmas,

Sam ♥

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  • 9 years ago

    I went through kinda the same thing my ex abused me and I still can't get over it. I just had back surgery and I haven't been in school for 2 1/2 years cause of this and honesty I don't miss it Im on homebound. I have 3 friends I can count on the rest of my life but the rest just blow smoke up my but. I learned to not care cause when I do get into college there is def more people that are mature and I can talk to. I wish I had more friends but to be lied to no way I honestly dont care. It all drama and bs anymore. When I go back Im not gonna care what other ppl think or if they like me. I don't let any person step on me I started being this way from the past I had. I wish I could change it but it only taught me the way to be and how I am now and how to think. Don't really trust any guy only If u know he is the one. Don't put ur heart out so fast to a guy. It took me 6 months to realize the bf I have now really Does love me. Take your time and don't care how Many friends u have. Be careful and if people say something just blow it off or laugh. Kills them even more. I could sit and tell you things for hours but I don't have that much battery left on my phone lol but I hope this helps you. :)

  • 9 years ago

    Outside of the family, I have 1 maybe 2. And I have been in your situation many times before, as you grow up and go through difficult situations you learn who your true friends are. And for me there is only 1 who I can actually trust with my life.. outside my family.

  • muma
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    4 years ago

    a chum is somebody who's continuously by your area. a chum can proportion all the comparable hobbies or be thoroughly diverse. once you're unhappy a chum feels your discomfort and comforts you. They by no potential chortle at you, only with you. a chum by no potential spreads rumors approximately you and forestalls others from doing so too. a real pal helps you recover from fears and helps you get with the aid of difficult cases. in case you're a ways away a chum retains in touch. a individual is your pal in case you experience chuffed each morning for the reason which you won't be in a position to attend to work out them. a chum would be all of those issues and extra.

  • 9 years ago


    My sister

    My soul sister

    My soul sister's friend... I call her cousin.

    The nice things about casual friends is that they come n' go. They're at school, church, and at work and once you move on or they move on you don't have to see/talk to them again. If they are more than just casual friends then they'll take the time to do more with you, talk to you, etc. And good for you for pulling away to give yourself some time.

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  • 9 years ago

    True, ACTUAL, trustworthy friends? I'd say... 4 or 5. My mother, my best friend, my other best friend, my good friend, and my other really good friend :) Those are the people I can actually trust, and the only people I make plans with.

  • 9 years ago

    I have three friends that have stuck with me through thick and thin.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    her 1

    her 2

    her 3

    him 4

    him 5

    her 6

    About six i would say possible 7.

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