Atheists: Does the shroud's (of Turin) authenticity forever solve your doubt of God's existence?

We all want solid proof that God exist. What if this is the only evidence HE will ever give you?


With the latest technology, scientists have discovered that the shroud is a 3D image. No ink of any kind was used. It was some kind of light energy, a technology that doesn't exist today...let alone back then. In the documentary film~ 'The Fabric Of Time;' explains the most resent findings on the shroud.

Jesus said that his resurrection would be the only sign (see Luke 11:29-30) given to the unbelieving world. He made good on his promise. NOW, no one has any excuse, (Rom.1:20.)

Update 2:

Grey Tower~ As born-again Christians, we have jumped pass reason (Isaiah 1:18) to Faith. There was a time that the shroud was considered a hoax because a piece of cloth was cut from the part that was repaired after a fire many centuries ago. My faith wasn't affected, but the unbelieving world had their excuse to dismiss the claims of the resurrection of Christ. Now, the image is proved to be in 3D. This Q is for all those Y/A atheists who are forever posting questions to Christians that say there is no proof of God's existence. Put up, or shut up...I say. You're the only one to post on this Q, although it was addressed to the unbelievers. Have we finally found the Achilles heel of the atheist's augments?

Update 3:

So there we have it, after seven comments or posts by the Y/A atheists. Yet, I've seen so many questions from them saying there is no proof of God's existence. And why would they drop this Q like a hot potato? Is atheism really just a lifestyle, that might not be based in reality?

Thanks to those who did answered...God bless.

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    I doubt that the Turin Shroud will ever be considered as conclusive proof of anything, let alone that God exists. At best it could only ever be viewed as evidence that someone was buried in a tomb in Palestine about 2,000 years ago, but controversy still rages over the dating of this piece of cloth. Jesus himself is recorded as saying that even if someone returned from the dead, those who refuse to believe in the resurrection would continue to refuse to believe in the resurrection (Luke 16:19-31). The most important evidence that proves God exists has nothing to do with material evidence – it is the empty tomb. Here are a couple of paragraphs from the Wikipedia link that I consider to be relevant:

    Religious beliefs about the burial cloths of Jesus have existed for centuries. The Gospels of Matthew 27:59-60, Mark 15:46 and Luke 23:53 state that Joseph of Arimathea wrapped the body of Jesus in a piece of linen cloth and placed it in a new tomb. The Gospel of John 19:38-40 refers to strips of linen used by Joseph of Arimathea and John 20:6-7 states that the Apostle Peter found multiple pieces of burial cloth after the tomb was found open, strips of linen cloth for the body and a separate cloth for the head.

    In 1543 John Calvin, in his Treatise on Relics, wrote of the shroud, which was then at Nice (it was moved to Turin in 1578), "How is it possible that those sacred historians, who carefully related all the miracles that took place at Christ’s death, should have omitted to mention one so remarkable as the likeness of the body of our Lord remaining on its wrapping sheet?" He also noted that, according to St. John, there was one sheet covering Jesus' body, and a separate cloth covering his head. He then stated that "either St. John is a liar," or else anyone who promotes such a shroud is "convicted of falsehood and deceit".

    EDIT: I entirely agree with you that Jesus said the only sign that would be given to the wicked generation alive back then was the empty tomb. Just as Jonah spent three days in the belly of the huge fish, so too did Jesus spend three days in the tomb. But the tomb is empty! And hundreds of people were eye-witness to his glorious, resurrected body before he ascended into heaven to return to his Father. That is the evidence, not a piece of material over which people will squabble and argue. I hear what you say, but my faith in God does not depend upon a piece of material.

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    I love that video

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