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How can I stop talking in class ??? HELP?

I'm a sophomore. got my report card today and my average was 84.15 and I dropped because it was 86.94. I was always a good student band very shy quiet and reserved but when I got to hs I became popular and more outgoing not shy at all and very talkative . My social life is interfering with my grades, my dad keeps threatning me until I get to the 90's. He is poor so he cant pay for my college tuition and he wants me to get a acholarship. I always say that I will do better but when I'm in class I talk to my friends unstoppobly. HOW CAN I STOP IT IS RUINING MY LIFE AND I WANT A BETTER FUTURE!!!!!!!!

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    Alright, for starters, you aren't ruining your life just because you're talking in class. You may be interfereing with learning and paying attention, but that doesn't mean you are throwing away your future. I had a problem like that too, I would go into the classroom with my mind set on learning and somehow drift away into talking to my friends, before I knew it class was over and I didn't hear a word the teacher said. If you are actually concerned about it just ask your teacher if you can move seats in the classroom. Just don't focus on only focusing on one thing. You can still learn just as much but still be able to talk to your friends. Jurst try to keep an equal balance on both of them. I hope that helped

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    Not talking in class is easy. I have trouble talking in class, and when I do, I'm freaking people out. Anyway, if you really want to stop talking in class, stare at your desk the whole time when you aren't staring at the blackboard or movie screen. Being a social person does have disadvantages, I suppose. Concentrate on what the professor says and what anyone else says, ignore. I found that I laughed uncontrollably when I sat with people and I was lonely and bored sitting by myself, so if you want to be more lonely and bored, sit in a remote area of the classroom.

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