why does my head hurt?

Hi, I'm 8 years old and im in the 2nd grade.Yesterday, my boyfriend pushed me down on the playground and i bumped my head on my teacher's busom. Those things are as hard as rocks and it really hurt! I told my mamma and she won't believe me because my teacher is her best friend and she told her that she didn't get no boobie job!!! I don't know what to do!!! I have a not on my head the size of my boyfriend's pinky toe!!! Please help!! It's urgent!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    ok so this is what you should do...cry about it than wish for a pony for Christmas

  • 9 years ago

    When your head made that sudden stop it caused a minor whiplash in your neck muscles to tighten them up. When neck muscles tighten up, which go up and around the brain, they give you a headache like you have. To get rid of the pain you have to free your neck muscles back up and here's how to free them up:

    Neck Release:

    Place your hands behind your head touching your fingers. Press into the back of your neck with them and hold the pressure on them. After 45 seconds slowly lower your head until your neck is fully extended. Release the pressure but hold your head there for another 30 seconds.

    For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

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