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My best friend is...I hate it!! 10pts for best answer!!!! Please Answer!?

So, My best friends dad passed away and his funeral was yesterday. My best friend walked into school with her older sister (who is a senior) (we r sophomores) wearing a sweatshirt,jeans,uggs,Hair in a cute bun with an iced coffee in her hand (regular jamilynne) and a big smile on her face. She came over to all 7 of us and said 'Hey, Guys whats up?! with a smile like how she usually greets us. Her boyfriend smiled at her and our guy friends all said hey whats up Jamie and she smiled nothing usual HS essays and she laughed. I mean it drove me, irene and Rebbecca crazy that she didn't even come in with a tear. All 3 of us were abut to cry just seeing her! Also to make matters worse her dad's and her 16th birthday and her dad's 45th was yesterday (i no same day as his funeral!) What can we do?


im not talking about jamilynne i no she is a closet griever and hates talking about stuff!..i mean how to help me not cry infront of her!

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    Everyone grieves differently. And, if she was at school, perhaps she was putting on a good front.

    Just let her know you are there for her if she needs to talk to someone and let her go about her life as normal.

    Although I'm curious why she and her sister came to school the same day of the funeral.

    EDIT: OK, so your question is how do you not cry in front of her because you are concerned about upsetting her. Is this what you are asking? I think if you tear up or start crying in front of her, you just say you hope she understands. I wouldn't avoid her, I think that would hurt her feelings.

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    Let her cope with the tragedy in her own way. You don't have to make her cry in front of everyone. She may still be in shock. Let her cry in the privacy of her own room. The same with the rest of you. It's best if you all just be cheerful and get on with everyday schoolwork. She's trying to act like an adult. Don't despise her or criticize her for that.

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    Nothin you can do. Maybe it hasnt hit her yet or maybe she's a closet griever. Maybe she doesn't want you guys to treat her differently because her dad died. Maybe she just doesn't want to think about it. Either way, leave her be and don't mention it unless she does first.

    Source(s): My mother died when I was young
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    Do about what? Each person grieves differently. It would be best if you don't bring it up unless she does. If she wants or needs someone to talk to about it, let her be the 1st.

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