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Am I a paranoid person ?

I always get paranoid for some things and I don't really know why. I spoke to my gf earlier and then I just replied to her text as you do but it was kind of just a finishing conversation reply if that makes sense? In order for a reply back to be relevant you'd need to start a new conversation. Anyhow a couple hours later I texted her with a film quote from a film we'd watched last night and just telling her I'd finished college for Christmas! so in essence I'd texted her once then like an hour ago I texted her asking her a question for this Saturday but she hasnt texted back do I need to worry about anything? I'm kind of a paranoid person but I no longer have fb anymore I deactivated it and she has messaged me in the past before. Am I slightly paranoid? Do I have anything to worry about ?

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    I think you are definitely being a little jumpy. Is she goes a more than 6 or 7 hours without responding, you could call her to make sure she got your message. Give her time to reply :-)

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