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How do I make conversation with a shy guy? (High school age kids and older answer only)?

There is a guy at school that I like (we're in high school) I've only ever seen him around and I thought he was really cute so I decided to build up the courage to talk to him finally. I sat with him at lunch and by the way he is a geek, which is my type lol. He seemed very shy but really nice. The thing is, I don't know what to talk about with him, it's hard getting to know people in a way. So do any of you have good questions I could ask him or just things to talk about? I'm sure as time goes on and I learn more about him I could think of some on my own, but just for now since I hardly know him I need help. Thanks in advance to everyone that answers.

And don't say sex, lol, I'm just getting to know the guy.

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    Do you have a portable gaming system (Nintendo DS, PSP, etc), I say bring something with you like that to school and sit with him at lunch and play it. He might ask you about it. If he doesn't, bring it up ion you own. "Do you play____?" "Do you know how to get through this level?" Or something like that. The key is to get him thinking about something he likes to do, or to break the "ice" between the two of you.

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