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My parrent may be gettin a divorce! help!?

My parents are fighting as we speak, but it ant physical its verbal, and my mom was crying, and came upstairs and told me that when he leaves that we are going to pack out bags, and go with her sister,

But idont want to cus i love living in the victorian, and i just wish they wouldnt fight, my dad comes in a bad mood and starts this when he gets in trouble at work, his boss called him a dumbass, and my mom said something idk, but whuts goiing to happen, with me im only 14, if my life going to be the same, am i going to be Sucessful or not? im scared wish they didnt fight help me please

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    You parents divorcing has nothing to do with you being successful or not.. Talk to your mother and father.. If they do get a divorce.. No your life will not be the same.. But that doesn't mean it wont be good..

  • rieks
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    certainly, it is okay to cry. be sure you take an hour to have an excellent cry over the lack of ability of existence as you have huge-unfold it. Did you get a call as to which determine you will stay with? Will you have the flexibility to bypass on your mom usually, i'm hoping? it isn't any longer your fault. i think of it is substantial to endure in innovations that she's no longer abandonning YOU. She nonetheless loves you as much as ever. She is in simple terms very unhappy in her marriage and that's in area your father's fault and in area hers. (it is on no account in simple terms one man or woman.) So, attempt to no longer take facets. Love them the two and tell each and each of them you do no longer prefer to hearken to them bash one yet another! interior the interim, i'm confident you have acquaintances whose mom and dad are divorced. speaking to a minimum of one in all them might help you. you could continuously bypass on your in demand instructor or the college counselor for preparation, too. they are going to all help you get via this. it is a transitiion, so it is stressful, yet you would be ok in awhile. quite. God Bless you.

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