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Could you tell me some symptoms of scalp psoriasis?

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    The symptoms of scalp psoriasis include: skin that is pink or red that appears raised, thickened and dry. There are many different forms of psoriasis such as small bumps, large plaques of dry skin, red patches, and skin that comes off in big flakes.

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    It is an easily treatable but highly uncomfortable and non curable (officially) affliction. There are shampoos on the market specifically designed for these sort of conditions. However; and I'm not sure why Old Know All has a thumbs down here, because he's right, if you have even a mild intolerance to a specific food, and you can find out what is and cut that food from your diet, you will find a drastic improvement in the condition. My brother had the same condition and found it was aggravated by a specific yeast found in beer. Stopped drinking beer, skin cleared up. Didn't cure it, but it certainly made it manageable.

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    Psoriasis is not fun to have and the outbreaks can be unbearable, but there are things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms. Home remedies are a cheap and easy way to find relieve.

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