What do you think of muslims who only follow the Quran(non-muslims are welcome to answer as well)?

Here at the beliefs of the us who follow the Quran only, some shared with Sunnis

- We believe the Quran is complete since it says so in the Quran, rejecting that the Quran is complete is denial of a verse in the Quran or going to another source for Islamic religous guidance is denial that the Quran is complete.

- We don't believe that head coverings for female are obligatory since the Quran does not mention it and the Quran tells both men and woman to dress moderately, women must cover there chest as mentioned in the Quran. Also Men are forbidden from looking at women in a lustful way(sexually).

- Alcohol, Usury, and Pork are forbidden.

- Sabbath day is Friday

- Congregation Prayer(aside from Friday Sabbath prayer) does not have any basis in Islam.

- There is no fixed amount on the Zakat(obligatory charity) you have to give it whenever get receive, give as much as you can without incurring hardship, the more the better as opposed to the sunni belief that it is 2.5 percent of income(money that is saved that is) and you must give it at the end of the Islamic year.

- Fasting of Rammadan is prescribed which is followed by sunni muslims as well

- Fasting during Rammadan starts at Dawn when the white part of the sky becomes clear from the Black part as opposed to sunnis who stop fasting like a 15 to 20 minutes before that which is when the Adhan(call for prayer) is made.

- There is only 3 daily prayers unlike sunnis who practise 5.

- The testimony of faith is I shaddahu ina la ila illa allah ''I bear witness that none is worthy of worship is God'' but we don't say mohammad is the messenger of God after that since doing so woudl be adding a name of living creature or someone other than him next to his name(God's name). doing such is considered Idolatory as God's name should be mentioned alone(aside from reading the Quran).

- EID holiday has no practiced by us,

- Haijj(Pilgrimage) is obligatory your head must be shaved during it unless you have an illness on the head that is severe. A sacrifice of the animal is obligatory which sunnis practice.

- Punishment for adultery is 100 lashes wether as well as for fornication(sex before marriage).

- Quran says '' whoever kills an individual accept as punishment for Murder or mischief in the land it will be as if he has killed all of mankind, whoever saves an individual it will be as if he has saved all of mankind. Quran means that unless someone commited unlawful murder or committed mischief(destruction) or encouraged such(mischief) then they should not be killed.

- there is no complusion in religion and the law against apostacy from a muslim in the muslim world is complusion in religion since the Quran forbids complusion in religion.

- Gold, music, and drawing of pictures are not forbidden

- Saying Salem wa alakyam arabic for peace be upon you to fellow muslim is a commandment, its mentioned in the Quran.

- End of the world prohecies attributed to the prophet mohammed(in the hadith) are false, since God in the Quran says '' Say(o muhammad) I do not have the treasures of God nor do I do know the unseen nor do I tell you that I am an Angel I only follow what is revealed to me . . . '' also Hadith serves a limited basis in the religion but it is not to be source of religous guidance since the Quran is the only source for such.

- we don't accept Hadith unless it is in agreement with the Quran

- We believe that Jesus died on the cross however we reject the belief that Jesus was killed on the cross we believe that God pulled his soul out and raised him to heaven but Jesus body remained on the cross. But we don't we believe that Jesus is divine or nor do we accept him as anything more than just one of God's messengers.

- we don't accept that someone who insults prophet muhammad, God or any part of Islam should be executed as opposed to the sunni belief.

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    9 years ago
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    Alot of the quran is incomprehensible without interpretations, commentaries and the hadith. The latter give context to much of the quran

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  • 9 years ago

    A Muslim...because all the aspects of life are discussed in this Book and the one who follows Quran in its TRUE sense is a Muslim. Allah's Orders and advises are written in Quran.

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    4 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    People who followed and Quran are Muslims but those who ignore Hadith/Quran are not Muslims .

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