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My Moms going to Court for A Shoplifting Felony? ?

So my mom was caught shoplifting yesterday. It was $1000+ worth of items stolen. I was not aware she did this. She knows what she has done is wrong and regrets it but im scared for her. I love her dearly and this is her first mistake. It was over $1000 by about $45 so do you think this could be reduced to a misdemeanor? She will get court information in a few weeks and we are going to pay the fine today. What do you think is going to happen? Will she face jailtime? Please help me, she was born in another country but she is a U.S citizen. Im so scared. Also, this happened in Maryland Montgomery County. Please don't be rude, if this was your mom how would you feel? I dont want her going to jail D: i need her.

Also, any tips on getting a lawyer and prosecutor and such would be great.

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    Call your local county bar association and tell them what happened. They will refer you to an attorney competent to advise you on what will take place. Often they will do this initial consultation for free.

    Good Luck

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    The prosecutor will be provided by the State of Maryland.

    If she is charged with a felony, and can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed for her. In the coming days your mailbox will be inundated with solicitation letters from various attorneys offering low rates. Select one of these.

    She isn't likely to get jail, but will have a hefty fine, community service and probation.

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    Is this her first time in trouble with the law? If it is she probably wont get jail time. If she has a record she might.

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    hopefully she will go to jail and we will be safe for a while

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