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One of my good friends tried to hang herself last night?

How do I talk to her about this? I don't want to make her upset or angry. I thought about suicide many times and a few months ago I almost went through with it, so I know what it's like to feel hopeless.


@Kay-Kay: Learn proper grammar, dumb a*s.

Update 2:

@Chea: I already see a therapist, a psychiatrist, and I'm on antidepressants.

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    Tell her it will get better. Would you agree with that? When things are so bad you just want to end it all and you couldn't... The next day, perhaps the next month, or year, you'd realize that things have gotten better. At least, for most of us, doesn't it?

    Sure, being NOTHING (i.e. cease existing) can't be so bad, but ask her, is she really prepared for that? Sure, she can answer, "I wouldn't be around to care anymore would I?" but maybe you can remind her of the good times too. It would help if you know what's wrong.

    Take her out on a date, go watch a movie, make a new happy memory. It's great to have friends like that.

    Last resort though, show her a picture of someone hanged. Ugly crap. Painful, and lasts a couple of seconds, even if she breaks her neck right away, she'd still be "aware" for some time.

    Bottomline, please just be there for her.

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    First, don't feel like you should have been able to do something to prevent it. There was nothing you could do. Since you've thought about this yourself you probably know that's true.

    Why don't you tell her just what you wrote here? That you've thought about it too and you almost did. Maybe the two of you can help each other but don't do that alone. You both need to talk to someone professional who can help you. Your counselor at school can help and what you say to them is confidential. Whatever you don't try and fix this between yourself because neither one of you is capable of doing that in this state of depression.

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    Making her upset or angry is the least of your worries, you have to confront the problem. You have to bring it up while still being there for her. You can also imply your problems, but make sure not to make her feel guiltier (that you feel bad in part because of her) by talking about yours at length. Honestly the best thing you can do is be a good example. It's good that you're getting help, but if you feel you are bringing her down in any way, distance yourself when you feel down. Talking about her problems, doing something nice for her, etc will make her feel better.

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    it is what i think of you ought to do, you ought to tell you mum which you no longer like this guy and the clarification why? Then consistent with possibility she will save some area between you and him while he comes over to dinner? Be well mannered to all human beings which is composed of him in case you will possibly be able to desire to? yet while he's long previous in simple terms enable him be attentive to which you relatively choose him to bypass away.he's in simple terms making those feedback on account which you have rejected him so do no longer take it own because of the fact he's in simple terms mad. If he's a school mate and keeps bothering you in college then communicate to somebody like a correct or some in authority to address the situation. That way if he says the rest to you he gets in enormous hardship. If he keeps at the same time as off college grounds then you definitely mum might might desire to chat along with his to get this situation stopped? yet do no longer motel to beating him up or having somebody else do it and get your self in hardship it is quite no longer well worth it.

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    be a great friend that you are !

    make sure she feels your there for her''/

    dont judge and give her advice ! make her laugh and smile ; think of the positives :)

    good luck dolls xoxo

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    they are so desperate to fill the void inside, if drugs, sex, and alcohol won't temporary fill it, what will? Think think think the answer is right beside you.

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    She needs to learn 2 be less of a dumbass. It's her fault for being dumb enough to hang herself. Children these days.. :/.

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    Say you are glad she is still here to be your good friend.

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