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What's up with Facebook?

I deleted my Facebook account about six months ago because I had a friend who turned out to be a creepy stalker. I decided that I want to make another Facebook with the email I used for the previous account. The problem is, Facebook keeps saying that I already have an account with my email. So, I decided to reset my password for my already existing account. Turns out that my previous account didn't get deleted even though I did terminate it. I deleted it again and tried again a few days later. Same problem....Anyone know what's wrong?

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    You can delete your account and your facebook wont appear to anyone, but you can always get it back by just typing in your email and password and everything will be back to normal. I have tried this before by saying that i will be gone temporarily, i don't know if it works the same if you say you deleted it permanently.(it gives you these options when you go to delete your account). If you dont want your friend to be looking at your things i suggest you delete them and block them,they will not be able to look for you an will never see anything that you do unless you unblock them. it will be as if you didnt have an account. good luck

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    9 years ago

    well sweetie,you don't even have to delete it. just block everyone who bothers you. :) hope this helps.

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