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How can I tell for sure if she likes me?

I met this girl we started texting we both figured out that we love music and we even have a band. (If you're wondering we do old style Rock and some blues, not this new music) We text almost everyday and practice music like once a week together. She's been single for about three weeks and she's said multiple times how much she misses having a boyfriend (Is this a hint?) And she always seems sad when I have to stop texting, And she always loves any Idea I think of saying "That's perfect" or "I love it!" even if my idea was bad.

Does she like me? Thanks!!!

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    Seems like she's interested; but don't take my word on it. But what I do suggest that you do is talk to her and ask her on a date( dinner,movie,walk to the park,etc.), something that is interesting. While on the date talk to her about relationships and try to figure out how she feels. And actually ask her how she feels about you guys "dating". It's always best to get an answer straight from her mouth than just assuming things.

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    She keeps bringing up to you that she misses having a BF and you can't even say, why don't I just be your BF. This isn't rocket science I don't see how some of you people even get GF's. I don't know if she likes me, she texts me alot and gets mad when I can't text anymore and keeps bringing up that she needs a BF to me, what do I do ? Just keep thinking that you should wait around for every girl to come up to you and explain how much she likes you and that she wants to be your GF, straight up everytime and see how long you wait for your next GF to come along.

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    well... girls sometimes dont even know if they like someone, like i had a crush on this guy for like 4 years and didnt realize it untill i looked through my past. So to answer your question, she probably DOES like you, but is to shy to say anything or dosnt know if u feel the same way. just ask her if u got the courage, i feel the guy should make the first move :) good luck!

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    She definitely has feelings for you. I say, keep texting her and eventually ask her out on a date.

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