Driving traffic to my wedding accessory online store? Zero Sales.?

I have a website that I've had online for the last 3 months and I have not had one sale. I've done the google AdWords program for the past couple of weeks, but the results are very unnoticeable. I have also purchased ads on Facebook and I've done alright with traffic incoming from them but still no sales.

I do believe my website setup is pretty decent and I have tried to use relevant keywords. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Here is my website: www.yourdayyourwaykeepsakes.com

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  • Dawns
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    9 years ago
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    Use this check list to rate your site, See just how much your site may be missing.


  • J
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    9 years ago

    First you need to separate the two items. Traffic and Sales.

    From everything that I have read from people I respect in online marketing, to achieve lots of sales early on you either need to be extremely experienced, gifted or just plain lucky. Most suggest that new people should not get overly concerned until about 6 months have elapsed, assuming you do everything else correctly.

    Traffic on the other hand can be bought (PPC), etc but organic traffic comes from giving the SE what they want which gets your site higher onto pg 1 of the SERPs.

    From a quick source look your pages are not SE optimized. The SE have problems dealing with indexing JS and sometimes quit indexing because they don't know what may be hidden in the JS. I read where its best to move JS and CSS code into a file and use a single code line to call them up. There is more but you get the idea hopefully.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    I don't know how search friendly cathysexpress stores are, Google has indexed only 2 of your pages (not counting the fonts page) there's a lot of javascript in the pages, which the spiders don't really get. Generally a PHP-CSS based site that generates more standard hrml code wold be more search friendly.

    Google has indexed a total of 4550 pages on cathysexpress, a quick review seemed to show a pattern of just the front pages of stores getting indexed. I 'm not sure of the effect of getting catalog pages with little text indexed, adding lengthier introductions should improve keyword matching opportunities, probably the more pages found the greater the overall site authority.

    I'm not sure of the ranking effect of being a subdomain, it's possible that you would get more search engine respect using your own domain, probably hosting your own search friendly store code might help, if trying to search optimize for example I might replace replace the menu link:




    Which would be a bit better for keyword ranking, but would probably call for more manual building methods. You probably don't have the control to make such alterations on that host.

    Having a separate blog with related articles couple be a useful organic traffic source, inserting guide pages into the actual store site could also prove to e valuable to attract information seekers who you would hopefully turn.

    Be sure to use all of the tracking capabilities you can get to see where visitors are coming from and how far they get within your site, high bounce rate statistics for example (immediately exiting the front page) can be an indicator that a more engaging home page is needed. If cathysexpress stats are lacking see if you are able to install Google Analytics, which has a bit of a learning curve, a simpler tool is Statcounter (both are free)

    The technical tips this whitehat seo authority might be helpful, though a lot of the super technical stuff just applies to commerce sites with thousands of pages.


    Check out the whiteboard Fridays videos on their Blog and try searching for Javascript to see what they think of it.

    An alternative approach may be to setup an Amazon store, paying their percentage of sales in order to get exposure to their ready made audience, these stores seem to often tie into their own domain name as well.

  • I agree with what one of the posters said above. Traffic and sales has to be separate.

    Even if you have a shop in a good area that's very visible and with great advertising, its a bit hard to compete if everyone else goes to the mall with the small shop where there are bridal gowns and wedding accessories.

    If that small shop carried some of your items, even better. If you had your own small shop, even better.

    Advantage of selling online? Prices for maintaining your own online shop don't cost as much as the shop in the mall. And other engines like google shopping required some coding to feed your items online. Look for online marketplaces where people actually go to buy things. iPhone had their store. Droid has their Marketplace. People use eBay.

    Selling is a separate icon altogether.

    Source(s): worked at, did, and does eBay.
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  • If you're looking to rank well in organic search, get your shop off cathysexpress.com. Your domain redirect may not be accurate as you think. You might want to confirm that your redirect is correct by using the Google Webmaster Tool.

    Your site is too new for you to be worrying about traffic and sales. Give it some more time. Read this small post from Google https://plus.google.com/101698568710409127237/post... In general, majority of the people visiting your site will never complete or make a transaction. It usually takes them multiple visits before they commit to buy on your site, if ever.

    Your homepage description tag is very short in the source code. Having your description to say "Wedding accessories and supplies" is not good enough. Matter of fact, all of your pages have the same description tag. Google especially does not like duplicate description tags. Make each page's description tag unique to the product you are offering. Yes you're going to have to write new descriptions for each page on your site.

    Install Google Analytics in all of your pages so that you can analyze your traffic, referral traffic, keywords used, where you're visitors are coming from, what page are they mostly looking at, how long are they staying on those pages, and where are they exiting. These information will be very useful to you as you will be able to determine what you need to change on your site.

    I disagree with some of the users here; there isn't a lot of javascript in your code, just a lot of CSS which is fine. It doesn't hinder your ranking one bit.

    For me personally and professionally, Adwords works. You just have to know how to use Adwords. Start targeting locally first. Use Google Analytics and look at the keywords section to determine which keywords works best for you and target them accordingly. Never target broad phrases; yes it brings you more traffic but those are very irrelevant traffic. If you're not sure what keywords to target, try and target broad phrases first and steadily narrow it down to more specific or niche phrases in Adwords to get the best results. Remember to use negative keywords to filter out unwanted searches and wasted clicks.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!!


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You should definitely set up a facebook store.

    There are a lot of ways to create stores on facebook. The best and the simplest method is to create a fan page, then use a store app.

    Read the following for many apps that you can choose from.

    P.S - The apps are free !!

  • Ed Fox
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    9 years ago

    Site registered November 3. Seven weeks. Rather less than three months

  • 5 years ago

    Spend more money in google. Seriously. I do a lot of research on search engine optimization and what used to work with just keywords, now basically just boils down to cash. The more you bid, the higher your ranking will be.

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