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Any health/vitamin enthusiasts out there?

Ive been having sharp itchy sensations all over my body. The sensation is that of a bug biting me or a hair being pulled out. I start feeling like a nut because it make me twitch at times. I know the itch comes from our nervous systems.. Do you guys think it might have to do with vitamin b deficiency, ? Help?

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    Iron deficiency perhaps ...... do you eat enough lean meat, raw nuts and seeds, green and salad vegies, wholemeal breads, eggs,rolled oats..... all rich sources of iron.

    itching skin, reduced immunity to infection and constantly getting colds and flu, palenessof skin, excessive feelings of being cold, fatigue and exhaustion.... pull down the bottom lid of your eye lids and check the coloring.... rich and red is healthy.... pasty and white is iron deficient.

    and yes it might be a b vitamin deficiency..... iron needs b12 and b6 and calcium for effective assimilation .......... pump up your intake of calcium rich foods like fresh fruit and carrots and beets and green vegies and salad vegies... juiced as well ... easier to digest ...... and focus on lean sources of b6 and b12.... lean red meats, fresh fish, (both b6 and b12) ... or supplement with a liquid b supplement that contains all the b vitamins ....... ;0)



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