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Should I go to inpatient/residential treatment for anorexia?

I've been struggling with an eating disorder for a few months and I feel like I can't do it on my own anymore. The physician I'm seeing said inpatient treatment is looking like a good option. I'd have to go out of state since I live in Washington and there aren't any treatment centers for adults here.

Does anyone have experience with this? It seems really scary, it'd be a huge change for me obviously. Should I try to work this out at home for a few more weeks or try a daytime treatment first? I've been doing outpatient for over a month (seeing a therapist, nutritionist, and physician) and I'm still losing weight and feeling helpless.

What's the best option for me? I'd like opinions of others who have been through this, I'm really at a loss right now for what to do...

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    If you go to a treatment center (any type) they will assess you by asking you a bunch of questions to try to determine the best treatment for you. They'll tell you if they think you could be benefited from outpatient day treatment, or if you have needs that require more attention that a residential center will provide.

    I really wanted to get into an outpatient program, but I was very ill and was turned away several times because my interviewer thought I needed residential because traditional therapy and nutrition programs weren't helping at all.

    Many programs use a step down system: For instance, you stay residential for 27 days. Then you return home to a day treatment center where you're there everyday, but go home at night. Then you transition to coming 3 days a week for maintenance. Of course this varies from person to person.

    Residential treatment is a scary thought but it's very helpful, especially in cases where the home environment or community is making it difficult to start towards recovery. You'll be in a very contained environment where you've got nothing to focus on but you health and getting better. As you're still struggling even under the care of the outpatient team, the step down system may be best for you. Then you can return to the outpatient program. Sounds like you need something more intensive right now and it's wonderful that you realize it.

    Good for you for taking this step and even considering it. Whatever you decide, try to do it sooner rather than later. You don't want to change your mind or talk yourself out of getting help. And remember, you absolutely cannot do it alone.

    Try the residential for a while. The stay is usually just for a month - then you can step down (usually).

    I wish you the best and congratulate you on your steps toward recovery.

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    As frightening as this seems, two thing stuck out in your question. "I feel like I can't do it on my own anymore" and

    " I'm still losing weight and feeling helpless."

    You're an adult and you need to get the help you need, so that you can move forward with the rest of your life. Remember the first step is always the hardest.

    You need to do this, for yourself.

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    Yes, do it. The idea is scarier than the reality. It's just a group of people like yourself who are in a program where they get decent medical attention, therapy, and attend groups where they learn and can talk about their struggles. Many people make lifelong friends in many of these programs. Anorexia is a very dangerous disease, and you should do what's necessary to overcome it.

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    I have been treated for anorexia in a general psych ward before. It was hard work but I'm glad I did it.

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    You said it yourself, you are "struggling" with this. Why not get help if it will help you get through it and find the underlying cause of your issue.

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