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why would my best friend act like this? Please Answer?!?

So, My best friends dad passed away on friday. And his funeral was yesterday. My best friend walked into school with her older sister with a sweatshirt,jeans,uggs,Hair in a cute bun with an iced coffee in her hand (regular jamilynne) and a big smile on her face. She came over to all 7 of us and said 'Hey, Guys whats up?! with a smile like how she usually greets us. Our friend Irene couldn't handle seeing her since the funeral yesterday and ran down the hall crying. Jamie kinda of looked confused? and said is irene ok and we all kind of look at each other and im like oh its her time of the month. Jamielynne is like oh ok. her bf Chris had held her hand tight. (Christopher lost his dad in January from the same thing cancer. And Jamilynnes dad was like a 2nd father to him)...In all of the classes i have with jamilynne (i only have like 6/9 with her) but our other friends even said that our teachers where very careful with her? i mean why? What can we do? Should we talk with our teachers? What should we do? How can we not cry when Jamie is around? (it was actually kind of harder than i thought!) thanks... BTW her 16th birthday was yesterday as well (i no horrible to have ur 16th bday on your dad's funeral not to mention it was her dads 45th birthday yesterday as well...i no really sad:() should we have got her a present? if so what??

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    There's 5 stages of grief:





    and Acceptance

    Your friend is most likely in denial over her fathers death.

    If anything I would ask the school counselor to talk to her.

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    I guess I'm not really clear on who lost a father but in any case each person handles grief in their own way. She may be putting up a front so she can make it through the day or she might be seeing a grief counselor. If you have friends with grief from a loss call your local or county hospice and ask if there are any support groups that she/they can attend. These are usually free.

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    Each person grieves in their own way. Your friend may have had her moments at home and she is putting on a strong front so she doesn't make a spectacle in front of her friends. She also may have come to terms with her father's passing being a blessing that he and her family would no longer suffer the agony of pain and anguish. I suggest that you and the others offer your sympathies then try to treat her normally but remain available to her if she needs a shoulder to lean on. In short, just continue being the best friend you can.

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    as to why she would act like its because shes in denial just talk to her and wait for her to be fully recovered from her dads death

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