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Is this possible to change LED monitor as touchscreen?

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    9 years ago
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    Just a theory, you disassemble a mouse, and keep the cord to connect to the computer, then connect that to a touch pad (find online) tape it over the computer, and pull up the screen keyboard in settings

  • moyle
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    4 years ago

    at the same time as your show screen starts off to lose its color it means its oftentimes placing out to bypass undesirable. now and again if it’s a CRT show screen you may attempt the degauss characteristic and it really is going to sparkling it up. I easily have considered it the position the relationship to the computing device is free or the cable itself is shorting which will reason a similar style of effect on the show screen. i'd jiggle the relationship to be certain if it ameliorations the photo. once you've yet another computing device to attempt the show screen on i'd do this for the duration of addition to substantiate its no longer your video card causing the placement

  • Steven
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    9 years ago

    no, because it would need additional electronic components to be installed inside of the display.

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