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On the 9th I went to Walmart because I needed to take something back and I needed to pick up some more christmas ornaments. When I went to the Christmas section I saw one of the workers there and I thought he was hot. Well I didn't say anything to him that day but that night and over the weekend I stewed over how I didn't but wanted to. So I had to go back to Walmart Monday and I ended up seeing him and was just walking around talking on my phone debating whether I should talk to him. My friend's kept telling me to but I was so nervous and didn't. He saw me of course but he really payed no mind to me. Well last Saturday this guy took me up to Walmart because I told him about him and he was like let's go see this guy. So we went and we saw him. Well I was like screw this I'm going up to him. So I tapped him on his shoulder and was like Sean is it and he smiled and was like yes and I was like I've seen you around here a few times because I shop here alot and I think your really cute. He said "awww" and then I was like I was wondering if maybe sometime you would like to hang out. He thought for a minute and I was like you can say no if you want and he said no you can have my number. Well I asked him some questions before he gave me his number like does he like Beavis and Butthead, heavy metal and classic movies. Which by the way he does like classic movies. Anyway he said call him anytime I have something going on. Well I texted him Monday just saying Hey I'm just checking on you and seeing you are doing and how your day is going. Well he texted back saying he just got to work and will be there till 9. So I told him ok text me later if you want and have nice day and don't work too hard. Well he didn't text me back last night so now I'm wondering should I text him again today just saying what'a up and how are you? I mean honestly when I woke up that Sunday I wasn't interested in him anymore. now I'm bored and am lol. He didn't really seem like he was interested in me at the store so I don't want to come off strong or anything. I'm just reaching out to him because he seems lonely, empty etc and I'm just going by what he posts on his facebook page. He seems like he just goes downtown and other places wandering aimlessly looking for love. I feel kind of bad for him. Did he seem interested in me? Should I text him? I would just like to get to know him and hang out. If something were to happen I wouldn't mind.


Also if you are NOT going to read and actually give an answer then don't bother trolling the thread and leaving silly little comments!

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  • Gaston
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    9 years ago
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    I didn't read. But just wear shorter pants. Solves alot of guy problems.

  • 9 years ago

    Invite him to hang out at like a party or something. Or just have a nice casual conversation, it doesn't have to be about hanging out or anything. Become friends with him.

    Or take Gaston's advice.

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