Is a B in my Honors Class bad?

Im in 9th grade and I have 1 honrors class. The rest are regular. I have all A's in my regular classes but I have a B in my Honors Lab Bio Class. My parents are telling me that I need an A in that class or else I will get my stuff taken away. How can I convince my parents that a B is not in honors classes. The class is very hard, and my parents dont understand that this is mu first year of school in high school, and I am getting used to the "Honors" Setting. So is it bad if I get a B, How can I convince my parents that it is not bad, and I get +8 on my final grade, or GPA?


1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    maybe you can tell them a B in an honors class gets recognized as an A? Of course, an A is an A but because it's your first year in high school and you're getting used to honors, it's hard at first. So i think you're fine. don't worry about it. try to tell your parents that them nagging at you is not gonna help. make them trust you, cause i trust you! i think you can do it. raising a B into an A is not that hard. so good luck!

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