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what exactly is this? is it just me or something else...?

first of all, we are all girls in class. Now we got new instructor in clinic, so we work on patients and he is there to see x-rays that we take, he works every other Monday. he recently graduated. He is in his late 20s. I don't know if he is single or not

when ever i go by him, I gently smile just as i would to any other person. But he would not smile at me, he just looks at me. I find him looking at me all the time, even if i was just looking around i find him looking at me... again he doesn't smile..just looks at me. I feel really weird so i just pretend i didn't see him. I think he is Indian, and i am Indian too. when i go to him to show my x-rays, we do have normal talk but not personal. I think there was only one time, where he smile little, but he was talking about x-rays..

so i need your help guys, am i just noticing all this stuff for nothing or there is something in his mind..I need advice from third person, i can not talk to my friends about him.

P.S. my first impression was really bad... I had really bad day and i didn't know that he was instructor.

need your help guys... thanks in advance ... hope to see some answers

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    He's just not that into you...

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