How can I get a 3D ultrasound?

Ok so i live near Oakland, MD and am a patient at the local hospital is down there the problem is they don't do the 3D ultrasounds and my insurance is with Maryland. Im 24 weeks and really wanted to get this done but have no clue where i can go?? Is it possible to get it done at another hospital out of state? even if i am not a patient there? Im aware that my insurance will not cover and that it is something i will pay for out of my own money. Just need answers to where i can get one done at before im too far along. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!! Thanks much!

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    You can call and ask if your hospital will do them privately (most hospitals and doctors offices won't do them privately - or at least where I live they won't) or you can see if there is an imaging center near you. That's how we got ours.

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    I had mine done at 23 weeks at the hospital I go to (The ultrasound tech was just really nice) and I would wait for a few more weeks if I were you to really get a good picture. At the point you are at the baby doesn't have alot of fat so it makes the picture kinda look freaky.I would wait til like 28 weeks if I were you, as for where there are places in most major cites I'd suggest google :)

  • If you're OK with the fact you have to pay out of pocket for it then you can go anywhere you'd like! Google private 3D ultrasounds for your area and see what comes up

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    Actually the farther along you are the cooler and better the image is.

    Google places in your area that is how I found some near me for the future.

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  • If you pay outta pocket you can go anywhere google 3d ultrasounds in ________ whatever area and they will give you a whole list.

    i just set up mine and im paying 150.00 and i get 20 black and white photos, 20 color photo's, a teddy bear with her heartbeat and a monitor of all her movements to watch on dvd. im going to some place in rhode island

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