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What are some drills to improve freestyle technique?

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    Zipper / finger tip drag and one arm are good (make sure you're not taking butterfly strokes with the one arm)

    Kick (without a kick board, while rotating your body, and keeping your gels straight - kicking with a kick board improves endurance NOT technique and often people bend their knees till you throw a few kick-boards at them!) (side note - when adding the kick into your stroke, think of a kicks per stroke ratio. This is referred to as a X beat kick, ie a 5 or 6 beat kick. It helps some people, i hated it personally, but I always had a weak flutter kick)

    kick a # of kicks on a side, then take a stroke and kick on the other side ie 10 kicks then stroke.

    Catchup - take a stroke with one arm, leaving the other stretched out in front of you. When your first stroke is complete and you slap your hand, stroke with the other arm.

    pull with a pull buoy between your legs

    stretch drills - count the average number of strokes it takes you to swim a length of the pool, then subtract a few and you're only allowed that many strokes. Exaggerate your stroke, catch, pull through, and finish.

    Breathing drills - only break every 3rd stroke (or 5th or 7th) If your a general swimmer, keep the number odd even though it will feel very weird breathing to your weak side. If your a older competitive swimmer that's already developed a substantial 'power stroke,' try every 6th stroke. Don't shorten your strokes to get a breath faster, stroke smoother and conserve your air.

    Source(s): certified coach and WSI, swimming and coaching experience
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    Fingertip drag: You do regular free but drag your fingertips through the water, keeping your elbow high

    Free with pull buoy: swimming but using buoy so that your arms are doing the work

    Free kick with board: just what it sounds like; helps with kick

    6 kick switch: do free but only stroke every 6 kicks, rotating when you pull

    Source(s): HS competitive swimmer
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    single arm- helps you stroke directly from the surface instead of loosing a lot of pull.

    body balance- just kick with your arms at your side and work on keeping your hips up.

    finger tip drag- keeps your hands on the surface to increase amount of pull.

    kicking- to be better, you need a good kick.

    swim with fists- again helps your pull.

    hope those help!

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    Sometimes my coach has us do a lot of backstroke and that improved me by a lot!

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    Finger-tip drag! Or catch-up:)

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