Please help!?! How would I address the emperor of Japan....?

..If I am writing a letter to him. Of course I am not writing a letter to the emperor of Japan, but in my Modern Global class I have to write a letter to the Japanese emperor telling him why Japan should modernize. I am a daimyo writing this to him. I obviously cannot say, "dear emperor" so what should I say? Also how should I sign it off, "Your loyal servant" or "your humble servant". Please, I am not cheating, I am just asking for a little help, because obviously I don't write letters to the emperor very frequently...


What I meant was, I am not writing a REAL letter to the emperor. It is just a class assignment and the only person reading it will be my teacher.

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    9 years ago
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    The way you should address the Emperor is "His Imperial Majesty." So in this case your letter will start off with "Your Imperial Majesty".

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