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Powder foundation VS Liquid foundation?

I'm looking for a new foundation soo i would like to know your opinions on which is better overall, looks better, causes less breakouts, which brands are good, specific foundations you use ad so on. Thank you!

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    everyone has a different preference. I myself prefer liquid foundation. It's easier to achieve the look you want, plus you don't look matted/caked out. It's more natural in finish but does the job it needs when covering up spots and patches. Liquid foundations are also great because they come in a variety of types, brands, and cater to everyones specific needs. I'm most impressed with MAC's Matchmaster foundation. It's oil free so no acne, it's formula allows it to pick up your natural skin tone, and it has great coverage. My second favorite would be Make Up Forever's HD foundation, followed by Too Faced

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    I personally prefer liquid, just cause it's more full coverage. it really depends on what you're looking for in a foundation and what your skin type is. If you have a lot of blemishes/imperfections on your skin or if you want a perfect "made up" look then go with liquid, or if you are going for a glowy or dewy look go with liquid. If you want a more sheer coverage and a more natural look or a matte finish then go for powder. A lot of girls with oily skin prefer to use powder, because it leaves your skin looking more matte and absorbs more of the oil. However if you set your liquid with a translucent setting powder you can still get the same matte look. On the other hand girls with dry skin enjoy the moisturizing effects of liquid makeup and the dewy finish it leaves them with. Girls with dry skin should probably stay away from powder unless they are VERY skilled in the application of powder foundation, it usually ends up flaking and making their skin look even drier than it is. If you have oily skin however you can still use a liquid just be sure to set it or use an oil absorbing primer. Both liquid and powder foundations have their places in the world and if one doesn't work out for you you can always try the other. Or better yet you can stop at a makeup counter in the mall and have the ladies there tell you what type of foundation is best for you. Good luck!

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