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Traditional or custom vue lasik?


I have a question regarding which lasik procedure would be the most appropriate choice.

I know it is ultimately my decision but would like some input form others on their routes taken. I am a candidate for both procedures. I know custom vue is more to the individuals eyes than traditional but is it really worth th extra money?

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    Let's say that I am in the market for a tablet. I can buy a Kindle Fire for $200 or an I Pad for $600. Now if I am being thrifty, I may buy the Kindle thinking that if I really miss the extra features, I can buy an I Pad later. It doesn't work that way with LASIK. While you can have enhancements, you cant upgrade to higher tech LASIK. Having said that, you will probably be so happy with standard LASIK that you won't know what you are missing. I had LASIK 13 years ago when state of the art LASIK was probably not as developed as standard LASIK is today. Consider me a half vote each way.

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    Hi Bryan, as you know, both procedures correct common refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

    Standard LASIK corrects blurry vision by reshaping the outer, clear window of the eye called the cornea. A computer controlled laser beam specifically reshapes the cornea according to your prescription. The first Standard LASIK procedure took place 20 years ago.

    Custom LASIK, is an enhanced laser vision correction procedure that corrects refractive errors the same way as Standard LASIK, but it enables the surgeon to further tailor the procedure to the specific properties of an individual’s eyes. This revolutionary technology results in a corneal shape that is closer to the normal curvature of a healthy eye. This leads to better quality outcomes for both day and night vision, especially for patients with high prescriptions, thin corneas and larger-than-average pupils. Custom LASIK uses faster laser pulses which offer greater precision and allow for the treatment of a larger corneal zone. Patients also benefit from a three-dimensional eye tracker for improved accuracy and safety, and the removal of 20-30 percent less corneal tissue.

    We do not believe that all patients require the more costly custom procedure. For patients with smaller prescriptions and healthy corneas, Standard LASIK is as effective as Custom LASIK.

    Hope that helps,

    LASIK MD – Canada’s laser vision correction provider

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