I developed a cough after smoking?

until about 4 days ago i was smoking maybe 5 cigarettes a day. then about 4 days ago i smoked like 5 in a row (and it's been freezing cold outside for a while now, so i've also inhaled a lot of cold air) and ever since then when i breathe in or out completely i cough in response. there's not much couhging when i'm sleeping or not doing anything but if i excercise i breathe faster and i start couhging. has anyone out there had that before? what is it? i'm thinking bronchitis. dont tell me that cigarettes are bad (i quit) and to go to the doctor, cuz thats not the advice i'm looking for here

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    9 years ago
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    Hi sdf,

    You are doing all the right things now. It will take about one week for your breathing to return to normal. Also, eating right, moderate amount of exercise and taking a large amounts of water will help the cilia in the lungs purge the smoke and associated cigeratte poisons. Good luck

    Source(s): Ex Lecturer in Health Sciences.
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