Pain under left breast/ribs?

I have not had heart PROBLEMS, but heart concerns, and the last trip to my cardiologist was due to this. But my doctor said my heart looked fine, besides a mild arrhythmia from time to time.

The pain is burning/sharp and is on the left side of my torso, below my breast and seems to be under my ribcage. It doesn't hurt to breathe in or move, and it just started as I was sitting still doing nothing. My heartrate is fine. What could it be and should I be worried?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have that problem and after months of test I figured out it's stress.

    Being stressed leads to producing more adrenaline than usual, which leads to irregular breathing which in turn restricts your blood vessels leading to muscle pain around your heart.

    Try to eat healthy, sleep well, and breath properly. It takes time for your body to return to its normal state, if the pain consists try to take muscle relaxers and strong pain killers.

    Also applying hot or warm water or the area relieves pain.

    Source(s): personal experience
  • piggot
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    9 years ago

    1st off worry and tension always seem to make pains worse and as your cardiologist says your heart is ok that's the most important and most life threatening thing out of the way.

    The most common cause of chest pain in otherwise healthy people is poor posture if you tend to slouch when you sit or even standing you are putting unnecessary pressure on your inter costal muscles, these are the cushions between each rib.

    Sit up straight and enjoy your Christmas.

    Source(s): anatomy & physiology diploma + First Aid + Indian Head Masseur
  • smolen
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    5 years ago

    The affliction beneath your breast is from tight muscle mass, on your again although. When the again muscle mass are tight they are able to press into the nerves going round your frame to ship the rigors to the rib, chest or middle places. When the muscle mass are tight they are able to additionally press into the nerves going to the organs. Pressure at the nerves to the belly rationale it to free up extra gastric acid which, while it really works its approach into your approach irritates your intestines, your ibs. To eliminate the chest affliction you're going to be eliminating 2 birds with one stone, your ibs as good, and this is tips on how to release your again muscle mass to free up the tight ones urgent into the nerves: Back: (do whilst sitting on a chair) Place your left hand to your left leg subsequent in your frame. Place your correct surrender your left shoulder, hands over the again and the palm within the entrance, and firmly pull down on them and maintain. After 30 seconds slowly scale down your frame ahead and to the external of your left leg, preserving your left arm as instantly as feasible. When you achieve your lap stay there for one more 10 seconds, then free up the strain however leisure there for one more 30 seconds. Then opposite your hand positions and do your correct aspect. For pleasant outcome calm down your frame first via taking a deep breath and exhaling then stay this cozy.

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