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Hmm what to wear this Christmas?

So for Christmas, I'm going to visit family. It's not supposed to snow when i'm there, but the weather will be around the low thirties.. I am really into leggings, tights, leg warmers, leather boots and scarfs right now..but i'm not very good at incorporating them together in cute outfits..So if anyone could help me put together some cute outfits for when I go that'd be so much appreciated!! You can use links, or just explain the outfits..It doesn't really matter! I'm going shopping tonight too, so you can also give me some stuff to look out for.. Thank you SOOOO much!! Oh! and also I'll be walking around the city a lot so I don't think I'll do so well in heels or tall boots the whole week :(


A teenagerr : lol I usually shop at stores like : Forever21, charlotte russe, pacsun, american eagle, sometimes hollister, cotton on, ..ect.. I'm looking for like cute things to layer with..But I don't want to layer so much that I'm like actually hot..because thirty isn't TOO like peacoats, cardigans, ect... Thanks so much!

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    a kilt with a packers t-shirt

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    Try a cute skirt, leggings, a pair of flats. As for the top half, I'd go with a simple tank top and a light weight cardi and a cute heavy coat over the top. Also a statement necklace.

    Not sure what kind of stores you have in your area. I'd love to help, but could you tell me what kind of stores you are going shopping at and what your budget is? If you could put that in additional details I'd be happy to link some things onto this. Also tell me what your going shopping for and I'll try and help :)

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    sure, its no longer the most festive colour yet some human beings only sense comfortable in black. i'd they does no longer placed on all black yet finally it really is that man or woman's selection. there's a danger that they don't comprehend how their style fact comes in the approach to others. Black will be coated perfect into an outfit, a mind-blowing black slacks with a pink or eco-friendly blouse, blouse, sweater.. There are continuously concepts of information on the thanks to include black in an outfit with out going overboard.

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