What type of doctor should i see?

I was the passenger in an auto accident where we were t boned in the rear passenger side back in the very beginning of October. I started having pain and tingling and numbness in my upper shoulder area as well as pretty bad headaches. so I started seeing a chiropractor thinking it was a natural approch. Well, my head aches have only gotten worse, getting them 4 or 5 times a week. It starts in my shoulders/upper back and radiates into my head. I was sent for mri beginning of December which shows a straight cervical spine (whip lash) and 1-2 mm bugles in disc c5-6 and c7-8. My headaches are so painful that sometimes I even feel nausous. My pcp gave me muscle relaxers but I can't take them surfing the day as I work full time and they put me to sleep and pain pills, but again, I can't take them during the day because it makes me tired and silly, not to mension sick. Anyways, who do I turn to? I'm hearing a lot of people say no chiropractors should work on me while I have bulging disc but besides that, I feel its doing nothing for me!

Help :(

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  • AMZ
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    9 years ago
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    Go to your regular MD/Physician and tell them what happened, what kind of pain you have and then He/She will send you to a specialist.

  • smolen
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    5 years ago

    Hope the next is helping , there are from my capabilities over time. If you wish to have main points please investigate with scientific dictionary. Cardiologist - Specialist Doctor in handling middle / chest Radiologist - Doctor whom administer X ray , ultrasound and so on radialogy dept Orthapaedic - Doctor who traditionally manage bones and fractures. Paediatrician - Doctor who traditionally manage kids Nuerosurgeon - Doctor / Surgeon who attends to traditionally to sufferers with nueron disorders, anything to do with the mind. Gynaecologist - Women's healthcare professional , expert in medication for females's wellness disorders. Pathologist - Doctor who reviews the reasons and nature and outcome of sicknesses. Eg put up mortem of our bodies like in CSI. There are alot of one-of-a-kind specialise scientific subject you'll be able to opt for. The above are just a few of examples which can be extra typically recognized.

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