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Im being phsically and emotionally abused?

I'm in pain my back is killing me and it hurts to breathe I'm 19 ill be 20 next month my fiance has been abusive to me ever since I made a mistake and sold something of his for food. I can't pay my bills without him I live with him and my sister and I'm scared christmas is coming up and I have no where else to go and I'm exhausted emotionally and physically.

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    There are all sorts of woman's shelters, try googleing one in your city. Going through life in pain is no way to live. move out, brake up the engagment. Do not wory, once you are away from him, life will be easier to move along with.


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    wow ur 23 years previous and my pricey ur spelling is only terrible. yet when she extremely does the flaws that you're saying the following then sure she will be able to get fired. you want tell your mom about what's going on and your mothers and fathers ought to take action as we communicate.

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