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How do I get rid of rosey cheeks?

Okay, so I have rosey cheeks and i absolutely hate them. When I'm far off that's like to only feature you can see. don't tell me anything over like 6 dollars. and dont tell me to use makeup to cover it up, because it doesn't work. and no, i dont have roseacea or however you spell it, not that bad. its like on the top of my cheeks and goes down kind of. please tell me something that i could do! so far im using a new product from neutrogena its acne face wash says it reduces redness caused by acne but its not working so..

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    How to Get Rid of Red Cheeks with Lifestyle Changes


    Make dietary changes to avoid red cheeks. Avoid food and beverages that will trigger a reaction. Hot drinks, such as coffee or tea, can cause hot flashes. Alcohol can also cause flushing. Spicy foods also increase redness.


    Seek advice from your medical health professional. A dermatologist can recommend a treatment to get rid of red cheeks, such as antibiotics or gels.


    Protect your cheeks against extreme temperatures and wind. Extreme heat and cold can trigger the blood vessels in your skin to dilate, yielding a red cast to your cheeks. Wind can also chafe and irritate the skin.

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