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Is there a possibility she can be pregnant.?

My friend jus came over panicing saying she hasn't had her period. Her calendar says she had sex on 11/9. She had sex 11/21. And she said she's always had a weird period so she never kept track but, last month she did. Anyways she had sex with this guy for about 2 minutes. WITHOUT a condom. He didn't *** inside her because she gave him a bj after and he came ON her. So, is there a possibility she can be pregnant.?


sorry. her period was 11/9*. But she did have sex 11/21

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    even though its 2 mins, he would have leaked inside her. So yes there is a possibility, ask her to get a HPT done just to make sure.

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    Anytime there is unprotected sex involved the girl has a chance to get pregnant. That would technically be the pull out method. My friend got pregnant with her second using the pull out method.

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    There is sperm in precum, so its possible, but since shes missed her period, she needs to take a test.

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    Pregnancy test!

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    yes she can, because semen leaks out of the penis during intercourse, tell her to take a test.

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    No if he didnt come inside her then there is absolutly no way that she can be pregnant!

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