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I don't want to have the genetics of my father in my dna what can I do?

this is disgusting me is making me feel like **** to know that I have the genetics of my moron father.. He is a ugly racist **** and the most ugly and lame personality from the whole world. I'm serious this is not a joke I want to suicide right now.. I can't go to school, I can't learn I can't do normal things I can't hang out with my friends.. Because I'm disgusted knowing that I have the personality and the face of my father is making me blow my mind

is there a way that I can get over of his genetics or change them? and only keep the genetics of my mother?

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    Unfortunately, there is no way to erase your father`s DNA from your genotype. You can look like your father and think in a way brand different than his, though. You may also significantly differ in character for you`re free to choose your own attitude to life despite your own genes. Be wise and patient enough not to do silly things and make sure you put this hatred to an end. It won`t do you any good - think of it as one more similarity between you and your father. That will be a further motivation for you to change yourself in a way that will differentiate you from your father.

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    No. If you only had your mother's genes, you'd be her clone. Also there's no way to just remove half of your genome from every cell in your body and still function.

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    You could try radiation, but then people might not like you when you get angry.

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    No. Grow up and get over it.

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