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how hard is it to learn to play the guitar?...?

the PERFECT christmas gift would be an acoustic guitar and lessons!! but i dont know ANYTHING about guitars. idk wat is the best acoustic guitar for the least money. i dont really need a really nice one, just one that will work to play songs like this:

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&feature=relmfu also... how can i get lessons and how much do they usually cost? it seems very complicated to learn the chords and stuff. i need to learn the basics but i want to learn to play this song soon! for the talent show this year or next! lol. so please help if u can! thanks. :)

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    Hi Jordan:

    It's rough at first, your fingers will be very very very sore. But eventually they toughen and callus over. It's not hard to learn, it's hard to keep at it because it can sometimes be frustrating.

    Live lessons with a personal teacher are expensive. Usually $25 per half hour or so... and you have to go to their location on their schedule. If you go three times a week that can be a hassle. Not to mention EXPENSIVE... then you have to deal with a personality you may not enjoy.

    I recommend and use an online service. It costs 139.95 a year (or 19.95 a month) I can use any teacher I want, print out tabs, and download mp3 backing tracks to practice against.

    Here. I can give you a 7 day trial membership just go to

    Enter gift code 769FDF

    Don't worry, no credit card required for the trial. (make sure you use the link with "card" or you will never find the place to put the code) (anyone can use that code by the way)

    The song you chose is pretty easy EXCEPT for the barre chords. It will take you some time to get those down, I suspect about a year IF you practice daily.

    The best acoustic guitar for the least money.... that's always a matter of opinion. I personally like the Dean brand guitars, but I also have a Arts & Lutherie and a Martin. (I play the Martin most) I hear good things about Seagull guitars too. Basically, you want to choose one with a solid spruce top and ideally solid wood sides. But you can sometimes get away with a solid top and laminate sides. I would advise you to get one that fits you, that you like the sound of... and you like the feel of the neck. My Martin is a small body guitar (000C-16gte) but that may be too small for you. You'll also want to make sure you have a case. CASE not a bag. I know you don't know how to play yet... but if you hold the guitar and feel it vibrating in your hands while you talk in a normal voice to someone.... that is the guitar to get. It is acoustically viable and will produce a lot of sound for you. And please make sure it's set up properly by a guitar tech. A poorly set up guitar is very hard to play.

    Don't forget to get a "chromatic tuner" these are important until your ear becomes trained. Oh and extra strings. new players tend to break strings a lot.

    Hope to see you at Jamplay. (psst... I'm the old lady with the pink guitar!)

    Good luck I hope you find an awesome guitar within your price range.

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    Have no fear, FacePalm Palmer is hear! I'll start off by saying that guitar can be easy to learn. I am a self taught guitarist and have been playing for 3 years. Guitar is great because you can practice anywhere at any time, low cost, and a lot of fun.

    1.) Picking a guitar

    Picking a guitar is easy, head to a local guitar shop and find one you like within your price range. A descent cheap acoustic will cost you around $100-$150. ALSO! Be sure to get strings that have a small gauge. An employee will no what your talking about. This will make playing more enjoyable and lets you play longer because they are easier to press down

    2.) Lessons

    Lessons are very helpful. Even having a friend to play with to keep you motivated will go along way. As far as what people charge for lessons varies greatly so I don't have much to say about that. The internet will also be awesome. Search online for "Guitar Tabs". Easy to read guitar notes. For instance type in "Sum41 Pieces tab" and you'll find tons of sites with pretty accurate notes. People on YouTube also do lots of "How To" vids.

    That covers it I think, hope this helps

    Have a Merry Christmas

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    I just learned how to tune it - your first task. Then I bought a fake book with a bunch of pop/rock songs I knew, sat down with the tab and I was doing pretty good in about a month. Getting really good or even great on the guitar is an entirely different thing. Learning to pick out some songs isn't so hard. And yes, your fingertips are going to hurt for awhile.

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    ok well ive been learning the guitar for a while and to play something like that might take you a little acoustic guitar is recomended as the best type to start of with but if you like electric guitars i totally recomend one of them, the body is smaller making it easier to work your fret hand and you can do much more with them, but back to the point, your fingers will hurt because they dont have enough dexterity right now, and guitar lessons can be cheap, i just got a friend to teach me...if you know someone who plays im sure they will help you out, most guitars cost about 180, to 300, electric ones you can get in packs for about 165. start off with squeezing tennis balls on your left hand so they get used to gripping hard, and always hand hand cream handing your fingers are going to split...XDXD good luck..

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  • Man I personally don't like people who pick up guitars just to like learn a song and ditch it or get girls, that upsets me. You seem like a nice young man though so your cool :p. Just buy like a fender acoustic guitar from G.C. it's christmas so like the prices are low. I wish I lived in America :( w.e though and for lessons dude go to it's 20 bucks a month and so worth more it's like a blessing though I don't have an acc doesn't let me use her Credit Card.

    They'll teach you everything from Metal to like country they have hd videos and they take the time to explain what the hell they are saying and a focus on the fretting hand and the picking hand. They'll teach you the basics to like how to hold a guitar and what not like how to position your fingers but man your fingers will hurt like a B|tch when you first start...I mean that is human flesh pressing against steel and wood :D have fun

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    It really depends on who you are.

    My friend, for example, has a natural talent for it. I, on the other hand, have a relatively hard-time with guitar.

    Either way, it's a fun instrument to play; whether you're good at it or not. Anyone can learn, if they dedicate the time to do so.

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    It's pretty easy to pick up the basics and to play a few simple songs, but it's a nearly impossible instrument to master.

    Source(s): 13 years of playing guitar
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