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Need help with a car accident injury for my story?

I asked this question earlier and I got alot of good suggestions and ideas but I decided to re-ask the question cause now I'm trying to go over the scene/scenario in my head before I start writing (I'm a very visual person so I need to see it before I write it).

In the first chapter of the story that I'm writing my male character gets into a car accident cause somebody ran him off the road (and that was no accident) and my female character (who witnesses the whole thing) pulls/saves my male character out of the car.

I don't want my male character to be badly injured just maybe unconcious when my female character pulls him from the car and also maybe a broken leg that would require surgery, and maybe another kind of minor injury.

At first I was thinking that his car would flip several times and it would catch on fire but then after seeing and thinking about some of the answers from the last question I asked regarding this I decided that his car would hit something and my female character (who pulls my male character out of the car) would/will either smell fuel/gas or she'll see sparks flying.

So that leads me to my first question. What could my male's characters vehicle smash/crash into? I don't want it to be a tree cause for some reason I just think that sounds corny (I know it can happen but I would like it to be something other than a tree). My next question is what other kind of minor injury could he have?


I should add that this accident takes place at night and I'm thinking that it's a curvy or winding road. My story takes place in California. I have never been to California but somebody told me once that there are alot of curvy and winding roads in California so I don't if that's true or not.

Update 2:

Somebody runs him off the road and not accidentally.

Update 3:

I don't want him to be badly injured or disfigured.

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    As simple as it sounds, you can have it be raining and he slides over the wet ground and crashes. Or snow/ice if the area gets snow at all. It's very simple, but it does happen. It happened to me one time. My first and only (so far) car accident was because someone pushed me into black ice, my car spun out of control and I crashed into a snow bank. Anything wet on the road causes very slick grounds and make it more possible for accidents. Even more on curvy roads.

    But honestly, for the whole flipping and bursting into flames thing, that seems like a far stretch for just hitting a tree or something small like that. I highly doubt that would actually happen. And if it did, he would be too injured and you don't want your character to be badly injured. Not to mention, how far is this girl to smell the flames/spark and rush to his safety before it bursts into flames and explodes? Right there? She would have to be like right next to it in order to do that. And if that's the case, she'd be injured just as bad. Not to mention, once a car is on flames, it's very hard to pull someone out in time. Chances are, it blows up too soon.

    Honestly, I think you're just going to have to forget the whole flames and flipping and what not because that's just not going to happen or be believable. You can have him just spin out of control and be knocked unconscious and the girl has to get him out. She saw the accident and she's trying to make sure he's okay as she's dialing 911 and she has to get him out since he's not coming out. Simple as that. Easy as that. Realistic as that.

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    My Car Accident Story

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    He could crash into a lamppost or an electric post. The girl smells the fumes and notice's the leaking electric sparks, which could ignite the car in flames in any second. He also could suffer whiplash, A herniated (slipped) disk occurs when all or part of a disk in the spine is forced through a weakened part of the disk, broken nose, and scrapes from the smashed window. A broken leg is a little bit to OTT for just being road off. The Car could spin in a circle with him slowly loosing control and then finally hit the electric line.

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    Lampost, another car, a pelican or whatever crossing (with the little island in the middle/), a house/ building, a postbox,

    Injuries- whiplash will be almost definite, also concussion from hitting his head, and maybe a slipped disc, or some mild burns.

    If it hits a gas tank or another car, it would 'explode', and it would just go 'boom'. I doubt it would flip, but the front/ back would be crunched over, it might well be upside down, the windows would be broken almost certainly, and often the door is either off its 'hinges' and swinging creakily, or has locked and is unopenable.

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    A lampost. This happens frequently enough in reality.

    His minor injury could be a sprained ankle - this is a good 'minor' injury to have because they vary depending on how badly sprained the ankle is.

    I was once on crutches for a week because of a sprained ankle, and I felt like a fool to be honest. People at school said, 'it's only a sprained ankle, you don't need crutches.' But the truth was that, even though the injury itself wasn't entirely serious, as it would soon heal, it had swelled to twice its size and was simply too painful to walk on.

    This would pain your male character and disable him for a certain amount of time, without being too permanent and serious. He could get the injury from trying to press down on the break, but in the crash his ankle could be twisted.

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    How about he was pushed off the road on a sharp curve and jumped a ditch, and down a small ravine, resting against a tree at the bottom. Only the one working headlight cut a swath across the road in the fog

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    Let's say its winter, soo the road is slippery, the car slides and swerves until it finally crashes into a shop with a glass window making the glass to break. He could be unconcious, and bleeding in the nose and mouth.

    I Really like ur ideas and I hope the book you write gets published.

    Source(s): I write stories myselfm
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    Hey, I've started the beginning now :)

    Anyway, watch some shows, soaps, films and stuff which have car crashes and things. And you should do something like this:

    The road glistened as the night breathed through the air... she ran over to the car, still screaming loudly. "Is anyone in there?" she exclaimed. Then, she saw him. A man, trapped inside the car, his eyes flickering as he tried to open them. But his body was numb.

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    9 years ago

    I read your first question. (I answered your first question. lol) I see your brain is figuring this out, piece by piece. It's thinking. It's concocting. It's coming up with new problems. It's resolving some, but not all. It's having a very good afternoon - thinking, planning, resolving, reworking. So, obvious question? Why are you ruining your brain's good time by asking us to butt in? You're doing find. You don't need us. It's just you, your brain, and your characters talking stuff out. Let it keep going. That's part of the fun! ;)

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    He could of saw something on the road and swerved to hit those dividers things on the road or rail and he could have bruised rib. I live in California and there are those kind of winding roads.

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