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Is it ok to wear all black for christmas?

Im just curious guys. I mean like everything black, pants shirt, makeup, shoes everything!


I wont wear all black by the way guys :)


Thanks for the answers everyone.... i was just curious..... and i wont wear black anyways- no way!

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    Yeah! As long as the black differs if that makes sense - maybe black skinny jeans and if you had a black top with some red or something? not all black so that you are like a shadow or something - have black but make sure the styles of the clothes are different - skinny jeans, a flowing top, get the idea?

    Good luck and merry christmas!

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    Probably want to stick with green and red it's more traditional and people will like the christmas spirit.

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    I don't think so! If it were a little black dress with black heels and silver jewelery then that would be different, but what you described I don't think so.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes , it actually shows how much you care about Xmas : )

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