MK4 Golf Doesn't work when wet? Please Help.?

I Have a 2002 VW Golf, Runs fine all the time no problem at all, But when it rains it misses and hardly runs at all. It's done this off and on for about 3 months, sometimes it'll run fine, other times (like today) it'll hardly run at all. Check engine light is on b/c It needs a new Catalytic Converter but I don't have the money, but when its raining and I try to drive the check engine light starts blinking and it hardly runs, one time I didn't think I would even make it home when I was still in my neighborhood. Why does it do this? What causes it? Please Help I'm going to go to Florida for Christmas, I need to know. Thanks.

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    9 years ago
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    You've got a cracked coilpack.

    Remove it, let it sit and dry out for at least a day, cover it with JB Weld, let dry, reinstall, problem solved.

    Or if you've got the cash, buy a new one; just be sure it's an OEM part not from Autozone, NAPA, O'Reilly, Pepboys, etc.

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    Nick is probably right, but I would also suggest replacing the sparkplug wires, using dielectric paste on each end.

    The cause is that spark plug voltage is about 10 times what it used to be a couple of decades ago, so voltage is much more likely to leak than it used to. Even air becomes a conductor at those high voltages.

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    Classic symptom of a bad coil pack. JB weld works sometimes, but I'd spring for a new one if at all possible.

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