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Is this normal anxiety ?

For the last 3 months iv'e had severe " anxiety " attacks . Iv'e never been diagnosed before . The wierd thing is , the day after smoking some weed with some friends ( supposedly it was laced , most likley with imbalming fluid , which is a crude form of PCP ) I started having extreme episodes every day . Now I have one every 2 days . It starts off with slight naseau , not always . Then within 5 minutes my vision changes . I see things with a darkened blackish lining . Not distinct , just the vision you get like passing out . Then my hands get somewhat cold . My body feels sluggish when walking and it feels like I will stop moving permsnatley if I dont walk . I notice my body temperature drops as well , nothing serious . My heart rate slows down . My left arm feels weak . And I havd trouble swallowing . And I get somewhat light headed . I also get really tired like im ready to sleep . My legs feel weak . Is this normal or does this sound medical related ? Thankyou so much

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    I think that you should go to your doctor or the hospital. I have been dealing with anxiety for many years now and I don't get any of those symptoms. I don't think what you have is anxiety it sounds like something else. I have smoke weed before and I never had that reaction. Call your doctor ASAP.

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    That doesn't sound like any anxiety attack I've ever experienced... and I've had some great ones.

    While smoking pot laced with embalming fluid might cause effects similar to PCP, it's a vastly different chemical, with an even more negative impact on that body than PCP (which is saying something).

    You may want to consider seeing a doctor. Having formaldehyde (one of the main components of embalming fluid) in your system isn't a good thing. There's a reason they use it on dead people.

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    What your feeling, to me it doesn't sound like anxiety. Anxiety and severe anxiety are caused by stress and sometimes imbalanced NTs. The feelings you are getting are not from the cannabis but perhaps the eb fluid. That is NOT PCP. Completely different chemicals. Eb fluid is not meant to be ingested. If these feelings continue..I'd suggest seeing a doc and just telling him whats up.

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    maybe im wrong , but that doesnt sound normal .. i think you should visit your doctor , dont allow this to get worse ..

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