what are tracking cookies?

the last 2 times i scanned my laptop for viruses and stuff it came up with 0 viruses and stuff but with tracking cookies. last time it was 3 and the current scan says 1 so far. although it says they have been fixed and my mum says they're not a virus and they don't harm the laptop, i'm still worried and i don't get what they are. i blocked all cookies on chrome so i don't understand how they are coming. can someone please explain to me what they are, what they do and how they come? thanks :)


@brisray thanks a lot for the info. but i don't know how to delete them. do you delete them the same way you would delete all other cookies because that i know how to do, or is it a different procedure? thanks once again, your information really cleared a lot up with me :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Cookies are a normal part of how a computer works with the internet. Cookies are small, no bigger than 4kb, text files. They can only be read by the website domain that wrote them. They are non-executable and so CANNOT contain a virus.

    Tracking cookies are exactly the same as normal cookies but are normally placed on your computer by advertising companies. There are very few companies that deliver advertising so what happens is when you go to a website that contains adverts from one of these companies they write a cookie with a code they can use to tell what page you got it from. The next time you visit a website with advertising from the same company they can read their cookie which in turn tells them where the cookie was last written from, then they'll write a new one on your computer. As time goes on each advertising company can build up a database of what sites you visit and tailor the adverts they send to you based on those.

    They really don't care about collecting any personal information but they would if they could, databases with that information are very valuable, what they want is to make it more likely that you'll buy something from the advertising they show - which the point of advertising.

    They are easily deleted, the same as any other cookie.

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