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What is a good nickname for a guy named josh?

I know a guy named josh and hes really nice and i want to have a good nickname for him because he calls me B because my name is becca.. i want something more creative than just j or joshy :P thanks!

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    Nicknames For Josh

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    Puppy love, Josh is short for Joshua, which is heavy biblical. Took over for Moses

    Source(s): Bible
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    What's their second name?? I have a boy at College called Josh and their last name is C so we call him JC :D

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    Boys: Jeffrey vs. Jeff----nickname William vs. Will---actually call Andrew vs. Drew---actually call Alton vs. Al-actually call John vs. Jack (in spite of the reality that i've got by no potential understood why Jack is seen a nickname!)---nickname Zachary vs. Zach--none! Matthew vs. Matt---nickname Joshua vs. Josh- the two or Thomas vs. Tom---the two Daniel vs. Danny---actually call females: Jocelyn vs. Jocie (Joss-ey)---actually call Amanda vs. Mandy---NONE! Victoria vs. Tory---none Georgia vs. Georgie---actually call Eleanor vs. Ellie---the two Isabella vs. Bella---the two Elizabeth vs. Beth---the two Katherine vs. Kate---actually call Alexandria vs. Allie---actually call Samantha vs. Sam---nickname <3 Mackenna <3 Proud Aunt Clarabelle

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    Omigosh Josh ;)

  • Anonymous
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    1 syllable names don't need nicknames.

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    I agree with "whatever", I was thinking of those names.

    EDIT: How about just Jo?

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    or joshy???

    lmfao idk

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