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1996 ford e350 turbo diesel van shift lever wont shift into park? Please Help!?

My driver of my 1996 e 350 turbo diesel 15 passenger van shift lever won't shift into park. The problem occurred last night when my van driver attempted to reverse ( pushed the gas) before the lever was completely shifted into the reverse position. Now the vehicle will not shift back into park it's stuck shifting between neutral and 1st gear. This is an automatic transmission, please help!!


Since it will not shift back into "park" the key is stuck in the ignition. I had to undo the battery terminal just to prevent the battery from going dead. Any suggestions are welcome please, help thank you!

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    Sometimes, especially on vans like this that do a lot of forwards/reverse driving the shift cable will stretch, and while the van will go into gear, the gear indicator may not be accurate (it may show you are in "N" when you are actually in "R". Try putting the gear selector all the way to the left (shift to park like you normally would),with your foot on the brake, pull the lever towards you and push it up until it stops. It should be in park. If the van still rolls, it is not in park. If you try starting the engine after trying this, and it doesn't start, it is not in park.

    Give this a shot, if it doesn't work, call the stealership.

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    bet the shift tube in the steering wheel column has broken a common problem with the fords so visit the dealer or a transmission shop for help

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