Why cant i get over it?

I met my ex boyfriend at my job, with our work schedules we barely could see each other, and he didn't have his car yet, so we texted and talked on the phone almost everyday, I helped get his car and as soon as he got it he had something to do every night, slowly we started to talk less, his phone was off because he didn't pay the bil and his ways changed, I started to think he was messing around, so I go get tested and find out I caught an std from him, I found out during the time the he went a week without talking to me, I run into him out side of work and he walks up to me like he just saw me yesterday with a brand fit, has new speakers in his car and a new deck (he owes me money) and I havent gotten my money back yet, I told.him about the disease and his response was "sorry", I aked him why he hadn't talked to me in a in a week and he didn't see a problem with that and said it shouldn't be any different, I told him off, broke up with him and he still couldn't a problem with anything he did, I guess my question is, did I over react and I dont understand why I miss him either?, when he sees me now, he just stares and turns around like I hurt him..i dont think he has the right to be...what do you all.think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    He is a loser and you do need to move on. Of course you had a right to be angry. He used you. You need to move on. He is a bad influence in your life and is probably never going to amount to anything. Get involved with other people and other interests.

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