HELP!!!!!!fallen in love and might never see him again i don't know what to do.10 points for best answer?

Im in year 10 at school and im in a band where i go out to do work placements to do with p.e every Wednesday. There was this other guy who is in year 11 helping out as well for two weeks. I recognized him and he recognized me but we cant remember where from. We started chatting and flirting a little bit. Every time i spoke to one of the kids he thought i was talking to him. Everything i said he laughed at not in a horrible way either. There was some kid who kept saying you love nick (that isn't his name just using it to explain it) i was like i don't i did sort of like him but i thought that i did not like him at the same time (if that makes scene to you). He finished hes two weeks there but he decide to come back on the wednesdays after school to help with football. We continued to flirt.When it was my last time there (because i have to go to a different placement after christmas) we flirted through football again and then after school caught the bus home with nick we was just talking about christmas friends GCSEs and coffee (talking about coffee is a bit of a random topic but it was cold).We was still flirting a bit on the way to the bus stop.When he was on about coffee he said you like caffeine then and i said caffeine in a really weird happy voice and then i saw the bus straight after so i went bus and we both just cracked up laughing. We was laughing still on the bus and flirting as well. When i got off the bus i said bye and he replied back hope to see you again in a voice that was quiet it sort of sounded like he was a bit upset......

The next day i realized how i felt but thought i was never gonna see him again. I was upset that i didn't realize sooner but i managed to get into my head that i will never see him again and there's no point dwelling over him, But then i saw him again at the pantomime my face lit up when i saw him i was with my friends and i had told them about him. He sat down in the row behind me but three seats across furthest away from the middle of the theater. I waved at him and he waved back and smiled then didn't talk to him till halfway through the break because i was too embarrassed. My friends started talking to him and saying are you nick? can she have your number ( i forgot to mention earlier i had already asked if he had facebook he said he used to have it but don't anymore and i asked if he had a phone and he said it was broken) and they started saying she fancies you and talks about you all the time and do u fancie her and he shrugged his shoulders. By this time i had butted in and said all i said was about the caffeine bus and we both started laughing again and i let him know who was going to the work placement and then the panto started again.I didn't want to tell him how i felt because i didn't wanna come across as desperate ( i had been only working with him for 6 weeks).

By the end i turned round and he was gone i was a little upset but didn't want to show it. I don't think i will see him again now to tell him how i feel and if i do i will probably get to embarrassed again and not tell him . I forgot to mention my friends said he was staring at me for most of the pantomime but he could have been watching the panto but they was Instant that he was looking at me

He is in foster care and so is my best m8 and her foster carers sister (who we went to the panto with) knows his carers shall i get her to speak to them?but then i would feel a bit awkward.or what should i do?

also do u think he likes me?

and any tips so i don't get so embarrassed would be helpful as well

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think he probably does like you. Maybe send him a letter through your friend. That way it is easier to say what you want to say without getting embarrassed.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Since you just in year 10, i'd advise you not to get too strong with your feelings because you have a loooong way to go... Yeah, it was good that you didn't try to sound too desperate..

    You're going to meet loads of boys in you teenage years. So, what's the hurry??

    You can, may be, wait till you meet him again and then casually ask about the two of you teaming up. If he denies, you know you'll have to just move on and if he agrees, ahoy! you just got lucky.

    So, dont go to rush with the work load and this boy. Just wait till the right moment comes.

    Also, if you do meet other guys, dont hesitate to move with them 'cos you could find your prince charming elsewhere. :)

    Just dont hurry. Plus, you got your GCSEs, so don't get distracted. :)

    hope you do the right thing.... :)



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