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What is the difference between an elliptical machine and a cross trainer machine?

They look the same to me. I was wondering what the difference is between them.

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    On elliptical, you exercise only your legs, but cross trainer you can exercise your arms, too, as there are vertical handles for you to hold on to as you move your legs back and forth. Also, the elliptical has more ranges (up and down levels) while cross trainers are pretty flat, and you just move your legs back and forth. To me, elliptical is a little easier, but my toes get numb after on it for 20 minutes, and have to keep changing the position of my feet to wake them up. That doesn't happen with crosstrainer as much.

    Here's an article that compares the two machines:



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    in case you run on an ellip you're doing the motions with resistance greater.. its although a marvelous exercising consultation consultation.. yet not something beats engaged on the floor via way of actuality the impact is nice on your bones, extremely females who lose calcium extremely their hwole lives... additionally the impact will make your muscle tissue use lots better ability ( power ) than an ellip... working incorporates stability your genuine physique and so on and so on.. working will tone you better perfect than an ellip via way of far. hell walking will or walking.. ellip is nice for persons with undesirable joints and so on and so on.. its although a marvelous exercising consultation consultation , efficient.. yet working via way of far is larger perfect.

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    i guess there is no difference

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