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My Moms going to court for a felony shoplifting? ?

So my mom was caught shoplifting yesterday. It was $1000+ worth of items stolen. I was not aware she did this. She knows what she has done is wrong and regrets it but im scared for her. I love her dearly and this is her first mistake. It was over $1000 by about $45 so do you think this could be reduced to a misdemeanor? She will get court information in a few weeks and we are going to pay the fine today. What do you think is going to happen? Will she face jailtime? Please help me, she was born in another country but she is a U.S citizen. Im so scared. Also, this happened in Maryland Montgomery County. Please don't be rude, if this was your mom how would you feel? I dont want her going to jail D: i need her.

Also, any tips on getting a lawyer and prosecutor and such would be great.

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    For a felony some jail time is likely. Enjoy being deported. American Bar Association in your area can help you find a lawyer.

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    It is unlikely that the VERY FIRST TIME she stole stuff she got caught. She has probably been doing this for quite a while and it could be the way she gets her kicks.

    First off, if this is the first time she got caught (they will check her background to see if it was or not) then she will probably get a 1-2 year suspended sentence, have to do community service and stay out of trouble for those two years.

    Second thing, you need to look at the stuff she has in her home and compare it to income. If she has a lot of nice high value stuff that is not consistent with income, then she has been shoplifting for quite a while. Or if she has been giving a lot of gifts that are not consistent with income. Each item could result in a shop lifting charge if they search her home and compare it with a stolen merchandise list from local stores. I would suggest you have a sit down with your mother and find out just how long she has been doing this and see if you can return any of the stuff.

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    The prosecutor would be offered via the State of Maryland. If she is charged with a legal, and might't discover the money for an lawyer, one would be appointed for her. contained in the advent days your mailbox would be inundated with solicitation letters from fairly some legal experts offering low quotes. elect a sort of. She isn't probable to get reformatory, yet could have a hefty wonderful, community provider and probation.

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    There is a chance that it could be reduced but there's no way to know. She could see jail time.

    If she is a US Citizen she can't be deported as the other poster said. So don't worry about that.

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