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graph the following function using the techniques of shifting, compressing, stretching, and/or reflecting:?

f(x) = |x - 2|- 3

What are the steps for this problem and is there a program i can use to graph this out?

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    f(x) = Function


    f(x+c) = c units to the left

    f(x-c) = c units to the right

    f(x)+c = c units up

    f(x)-c = c units down


    f(x)/c = compressing c units vertically

    cf(x) = stretching c units vertically

    f(x/c) = stretching c units horizontally

    f(cx) = compressing c units horizontally

    From the given function, you can easily see that the basic function is f(x)=|x|. We know it's graphic is the following:

    Absolute value of x is defined as: f(x) = |x| = -x if x<0 or x if x>=0, so it may be considered a reflection*

    Now, check the given function and compare it with the basic one.

    The first you have to do is shifting it 2 units to the right. Mathematically, it means: f(x-2), wich is |x-2|. You'll have this:

    Then, move the graph 3 units down. Mathematically, it means: f(x-2)-3, wich is |x-2|-3. And, You got what you wanted:

    Source(s): Sorry nobody responded on time. I guess you created that account just to ask this. I suppose you waited for about one or two hours, and then realized that "nobody" was going to answer, I know how it feels. Anyways, I hope to be wrong. At least someone may get here later and find this usefull. Luck. Reader, excuse me for my english, I know it sucks : | Graphinc website:
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